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အစိုးရနည်းပညာအထက်တန်းကျောင်း (ရွာမ)တွင် ယနေ့ သင်ကြားပေးနေသော ဘာသာရပ်များမှာ -

တို့ဖြစ်ပါသည်။ အသေးစိတ်ကို အောက်တွင် ဖော်ပြထားပါသည်။



  • 00m 00s


Students should be able to

     (1) gain basic mathematical knowledge and understanding,

     (2) acquire necessary mathematical skills,

     (3) apply mathematical  knowledge and skills in real-life situations and

     (4) have an interest in, and appreciation of mathematics, together with the development of maths-related values.

Calculation is used by technical students who are required to apply to mathematical concepts to calculate work place information.


First Year
Semester Chapter Title
Semester-I Chapter-1 History of Numbers
Chapter-2 Algebra
Chapter-3 Exponents and Logarithm
Chapter-4 Geometry
Chapter-5 Mensuration
Semester-II Chapter-1 Quadratic Equation
Chapter-2 Rations, Proportion and Variation
Chapter-3 Circles, Chords and Tangents
Chapter-4 Trigonometric Ratios and Their Applications
Chapter-5 Mensuration
Second Year  
Semester Chapter Title
Semester-I Chapter-1 Functions
Chapter-2 Binomial Theorem
Chapter-3 Matrices
Chapter-4 Circles
Chapter-5 Mensuration
Semester-II Chapter-1 Inequation
Chapter-2 Introduction To Probability
Chapter-3 Areas of Similar Triangles 
Chapter-4 Introduction To Vectors and Transformation Geometry
Chapter-5 Trigonometry
Chapter-6 Calculus


Short Description

First Year Semester-I & II Second Year Semester-I & II


ရန်ကုန်တိုင်းဒေသကြီး၊ အင်းစိန်မြို့နယ်၊ ရွာမအလယ်ရပ်ကွက်၊ ဘုရင့်နောင်လမ်းမကြီးဘေးတွင် တည်ရှိပါသည်။

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